And all Ends at Styles

I’ve used to watch Poirot series with David Suchet when I was a young girl and back then we didn’t have many channels and programs like nowadays. Therefore every week I was ready and waiting for another episode of the series, but as a young kid I had certain obligations from my mother which resulted in me missing some episodes for which I never had the discipline to record them ( on a tape of course 😊… so vintage!!).

OK so this was an introduction for my story… Few weeks ago I’ve watched the last episode of Poirot series – Curtain :Poirot’s Last Case- as they were being passed at the Dutch TV as “Vintage Series” (Series 10 to Series 13 as the last one from 2013)

I never had the chance to read the book and actually I was never interested to read it until I was done with reading all the other books first. I also have to confess that I wanted to preserve “my” Poirot’s image as a non-getting old character.

So, there I was on my dedicated Thursday evening to watch the series and when I saw that it was the last episode. With much sadness I’ve watched it… The way it all started, it is the way it all ends, at House of Styles.

24 years passed after the first series and again we see David Suchet at his best. Hugh Fraser as captain Hastings also fantastic!

What can I say, this is Christie’s another amazing puzzle story. Every time I think I will be able to find some “good” clues or even “beat” Poirot (what I already know is impossible… but never loosing hope right?!) I am again surprised by all the little details and the intelligence of the little man.

Just Superb!!

I will keep this blog short, because being about the last Poirot ‘s story I don’t want to give too many details. But I can say that it was again a marvelous story but unfortunately also sad, depressing and dark, because Poirot is old and dying, Hastings also old is wandering around very lost his with is unfinished issues with own family( his daughter is also staying at Styles), and concerned with Poirot’s age and state of mind (again like in the first book Hastings makes many references to Poirot’s age and abilities…But the age is never revealed).

The house of styles not at its best state, is now accepting guests which makes the all scene very grisly… Poirot  knows the killer but cannot reveal anything (of course!) , and this killer has a macabrious and obscure mind, as he kills without killing.

What is interesting in the story is the fact that Hastings was “executing” all the Poirot’s investigation, because Poirot’s is very ill. But Hastings is very “lost” and not always trustful with keeping secrets would  be quite of challenge to be successful as Poirot always is.

As a Reader or a series watcher you are struggling to understand how can this possible end well, right? And that is exactly why I like Christie’s books: it never ends as any other book or as you expect.

What a marvelous LAST Poirot case! How can you catch a killer who doesn’t kill himself? And even if you know how he does it, how can you prove it? Superb!!!

It is a game of rat and mouse, with Hastings lost in middle and Poirot dying…

At the end Poirot dies with an unsolved case!?? Maybe for the authorities, because Hastings will know better what Poirot had to accomplish to solve an unsolved case.

As I said I didn’t read the book yet, but will do it for sure. And when I do it, I will update this post accordingly with new insights that only a book can give.

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