Elephants can remember

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog. The reason is that I am busy reading the Agatha’s autobiography, which is an huge book. So I believe it is going to take some time until I am done with it.
But meanwhile I will keep on writing reviews about other books I’ve read, which are lots of them. I decided to go for “Elephants can remember” just because I saw an elephant toy in my daughter’s room 🙂 few days ago.
Just picked up my book from the closet, and I see that Agatha wrote this book on 1972, so the last story with Poirot.

I’ve read this book many years ago and I really enjoyed it, because Ariadne is always very funny and full of life.
Now that I am reading the Agatha’s Autobiography I really feel that Ariadne Oliver looks like her “avatar”.

Let’s continue:
“Elephants Can Remember” is a story about a 12 year old suicide by a husband and a wife.
Ariadne Oliver gets involved with it because her goddaughter(Celia Ravenscrof) is the kid of the dead couple and wants to marry a guy whose mother doesn’t want to have a potential daughter in law with psych issues.
The main issue to solve is: who killed who, and who had psychic problems. So Ariadne asks Poirot to help and she goes herself looking for People who can remember (elephants)

She gets information which Poirot studies and analyzes:

  • dead couple was very fond of each other and the mutual love of the husband and the wife was beyond any doubt
  • the twin sister of the wife had fallen from the same cliff and died
  • The twin sister or Mrs Ravenscrof had too many wigs
  • For some reason the dog was barking to Mrs Ravenscrof
  • etc

There were too many hints and clues that would lead the reader to solve the issue. I find a very simple and easy going story from the older days from Agatha Christie. Nevertheless I’ve enjoyed a lot, and if you see the series with Zoë Wanamaker (Ariadne) and Vanessa Kirby (Celia) and the magnificent David Suchet as Poirot, you will have a good time and a good laugh.

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