Visiting Dorchester-on-Thames

Hello everyone,
The vacation period is almost gone and I didn’t write anything for a while…
While I am still busy reading Agatha’s biography and don’t have any review to share, I will share my adventures during this summer in UK, namely Dorchester-on-Thames.

I went to UK on vacation to have a non-massa/touristic walking vacations in the nature. I had a local British company arranging us suitable paths to walk with children. They arranged me a package with “trails” along the Thames and surroundings for the first week, and the second part of week in Dorset.

But focusing in the Thames area, we were staying at a B&B/Pub/Hotel kind of place in Dorchester-on-Thames. So far so good… We had two wonderful days walking in the nature with a beautiful landscape, and I couldn’t ask for more!

On our 3rd walking day, when talking with the taxi driver about things to do in the neighborhood, he asks me if I knew the series Midsomer Murders…. And very astonished and stupid I answered: – Yeah… I like the series a lot….I am a big fan! Why???
He tells that we were staying at the base area where Midsomer series were filmed (the season with John Nettles). And he mentioned all the places I could recognize from the series: the Abbey, church, pubs, etc…
I was like : Whaaat? Seriously? You are kidding me!!!!! Completely amazed I was…
I already had a feeling that many things I knew from “somewhere”, but I couldn’t really explain the feeling… I just thought “I was in UK other times and watched so many British series, so it is possible that the villages look the same”

During the next the few minutes in the taxi my head went like crazy thinking about all the photos I would make when back at the hotel, at the end of the day. But this info about Midsomer Murders was not all, as the driver asks me again: Do you know Agatha Christie?
I said: WHAAAAAT??? You are kidding me? I am The biggest fan and I have a blog about her books!!!! Why WHY?
So excited I was…
He just replies very calm “we are about to drive along her house and maybe you want to take some pictures…

I wish I could jump of happiness on that moment. We took some pictures that I am sharing with you guys below.
What a beautiful day which made my all vacation days worthwhile!

At the last but not the least, I’ve also visited Oxford which is the city of “Lewis” LoL!!
All about “MyDetectives” series around Dorchester-on-Thames!

I wanted to write a blog about this adventure, because my site is about My detectives – The “detectives” I like, with an extra : Agatha’s House!

Enjoy the photos!
Until the next blog, about Agatha’s biography!

Midsomer murders memories…

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