After the Funeral

This is a review of the TV Series episode as I didn’t read the book yet (Series 10). This episode was amazing, the entire cast and in  particular Miss Gilchrist (Monica Dolan) was superb in this episode. Note: I will reveal who the killer was at the end. So please stop reading if you don’t want to know.


Poirot is invited by a solicitor friend to investigate a “possible” murder or the strange events which occurred after his client funeral. The solicitor also doubts the contents of the testament…

At the first I found that there were too many family members, but of course that this fact makes it more difficult to find the killer right?

Characters list: Richard (Rich man who died) ; Cora (Richard’s sister) ; Timothy (Richard’s brother is a terrible and bad-tempered man) ; Susan (Cora’s heir is going to Africa: She also has a secret with George) ; Rosamund/Michael (a married couple and actors in the theater) ; Helen (George’s mother and wife of Richard’s brother Leo, who is already dead) ; Miss Gilchrist (Cora’s companion);

Continuing the story… A man(Richard) dies and leaves a testament which contents nobody was expecting. After the funeral all family members are gathered at Richard’s house and Cora mentioned that perhaps he was murdered.

Miss Gilchrist seems to know a lot about art and paintings. She doesn’t like to be confused as the housemaid. She reminisces the time when she had her own shop and was not dependent on a boss.

There is an issue about a Cora’s painting which is thought of having a great value. The painting is evaluated by her former husband, and it was of no value.

Rosamund and Michael want a better life in the acting career. There is an incident with nuns who are always walking around and one of them was seen talking to Rosamund.

Later on, they are all gathered at Richard’s house : Timothy handles Miss Gilchrist as an housemaid and during the evening somebody mentions “looking to him/herself as on the other side of the mirror”. This incident leads Helen to think about it –  Cora’s appearance/performance after the funeral. Consequently she is attacked when trying to contact the solicitor about it.


Poirot reveals the murderer – Miss Gilchrist! She went to the family gathering after the funeral, disguised as Cora (while Cora was already dead at home). But her head was inclined to a different side than Cora(what triggered Helen earlier).

Reason for murder:  She wanted one of Cora’s Paintings from Rembrandt and with the money she wanted to buy a new shop. She acted very sick (mentally disordered) when the police took her away.

George is Richard’s son and he had a romantic ‘relationship’ with Susan, despite being cousins. Rosamond is pregnant (the reason why she was visiting the nuns) while Michael has a mistress. Timothy could walk after all…. It was not really explained why he was pretending…

Don’t really know anymore why nuns visited the Cora’s cottage… will pay better attention next time.

I definitely recommend this series episode to any Agatha’s fans(or Poirot’s). Suchet again at his best!

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