The Listerdale Mystery

The Listerdale Mystery is the first story from a collection of short mysteries. The stories are unpredictable and intriguing! My favorites were “The Listerdale Mystery”, “Philomel Cottage”, “Accident”, “Mr. Eastwoods Adventure” ( see my comments below). Nothing much to say except that Agatha shows here that she’s also great with other work rather than her “normal” detective novels.

  1. The Listerdale Mystery – Liked very much, spicy, suspense and all Agatha’s ingredients… A story with a very sad begin and a happy ending! I definitely loved it!
  2. Philomel Cottage – One of my preferences… I have to say I was suffering at the end of the story, so exciting  and dangerous it was. Well written of course and keeps the reader in a frenzy status. The way Alix Martin discovers the truth about her “perfect” husband, until the fears takes her over and how she managed to save herself… Just Superb again from Agatha!
  3. The girl in the train – This was a very funny one, but not so exciting as the previous ones. Intriguing, with spies, royalties and love stories… And of course an happy end!
  4. Sing a Song of Sixpence -This one had had for me a very unexpected end. Also until now I still don’t understand the sixpence association to the killer, I think it was a bit of farfetched solution…
  5. The Manhood of Edward Robinson – This was so funny, unreal and romantic as the romantic books Edward reads. Recommended to dreamers!
  6. Accident – The same as “Philomel Cottage” one of my preferred ones. 
  7. Jane in Search of a Job – The same as The girl in the train…
  8. A Fruitful Sunday – personally I expected a fruity and juicy end…But instead it was an easy Sunday ending… It was a good read tough.
  9. Mr. Eastwood’s Adventure – Also one of my choices! Very nice adventure indeed, I didn’t see that ending coming.
  10. The Golden Ball – Again a guy who doesn’t act according to the  standards of their Rich father/uncle, and at the end of story they manage to marry a rich girl: Nothing special but overall good  entertaining!
  11. The Rajah’s Emerald – The name of James Bond tells a lot. Funny, easygoing “adventure” and a nice end for James Bond!
  12. Swan Song – It was a good story, but the end was very much predictable…

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