Cat among the Pigeons

This is a review of the episode series 11 -2008.

There is a conflict in India where two English men died fighting.

Back in England is the first day at Meadowbank School, a prestigious girls’ school in England.

Poirot is invited to give a speech; there is an Indian princess who is very  irritating; there is a male gardener who every girl and teacher have a crush on.

During Poirot’s speech, he was compared to a penguin by one of the students.

There is a lady who notices somebody and describes the episode like ” An angel who should be dead”. During this observation, the gym teacher also listens this observation.

There is an incident with a tennis racket which was very heavy ( niece of the English man who died in India, was also there when the war/conflict began). The girls decided to switch the rackets during this incident.

The sports teacher (Miss Springer) is very annoying and always smoking. She handles the girls very badly and everybody hates her : she’s a bully!!!

She also seems to know secrets from somebody and reveals it very proudly and loudly in the coffee area. Meanwhile Poirot is listening.

Miss Chadwick (co-founder from the school) has a strange feeling : Maybe because she thinks the director ( Miss Bulstrode) wants to leave the school and don’t want to have her as the successor of the position.

During the night the sports teacher is murdered in the gym location. Consequently many parents take the kids out of the school: crisis @school!!

There is a “poppet” of Miss Springer with a needle on it (like the one witches use :))

The secretary has a mother in an Asylum and the directress finds out.

One of the girls find the rubies in the racket and informs Poirot.

Indian Princess – Shaista- disappears! Later on Poirot finds out that she is NOT the real princess. She is an impostor of older than 20 years of age (Poirot’s reason : did anybody noticed her knees? Because the knees from an adult have a different structure than a small girl)

There is another teacher who is attacked but she recovers from it (Miss Rich): she carries a secret – when she was away for a while and during that period she lost her baby during delivery)

The French teacher apparently knows the killer and starts blackmailing : Conclusion: She is killed!!

The big revelation:

Poirot reveals  who is the killer, but first he is going to through everybody’s secrets until he stops at the secretary: she is an “Angel”, who is proven by the mother of a girl who had the racket with rubies. She was also an old spy.

The “Angel” tries to kill that lady who recognized her, but the co-owner of the school takes the bullet in place, and dies in the Hospital. Before she dies, she confesses that she attacked Miss Rich because of jealousy.

At the end the directress announces a new partner: Miss Rich (who represents a new era, with new ideas and new approaches)

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