Ten little niggers (And Then There Were None)

This is the second time I am reading this book, and it is really an amazing book. It is a book you don’t want to stop reading: thrilling, contagious, addicting exciting, scary.

Oh my my, you keep on wondering what did you miss, or if the last person standing is who you thought he/she was, etc, etc..

This is just a master piece!!

I’ve read this book when I was younger and it gave me the creeps, mainly because it was so good written that I couldn’t handle he suspense and fear in my teenage years.

Now decades later, after watching a couple of movies about it, I’ve decided to read it again: 5 stars!!

The story goes like this: ten people are invited by a stranger to an isolated island. In the island they get to know that the host is not and will never be present at the island.

There is a poem about “ten little niggers” hanging around and 10 figurines on the table.

In the same evening, all of the guests are accused individually of a certain murder (via a gramophone or something similar).

From this evening onwards every guest will die one by one according to the poem, and per each death one figurine at the table will disappear…

All the ingredients for a mystery masterpiece : suspense, mistrust, scary, stormy and dark background!

Oh my, oh my… How I love Agatha’s books!

Definitely 5 stars!!

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