Today I want to deviate from Agatha Christie (which is the main goal of this website), to pay a visit to a detective series which deserves my attention.

The last couple of weeks I am watching the detective series “Vera”, which is a fantastic and a peculiar series with a great actress – Brenda Blethyn- .

Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope is a middle-aged police, independent, intelligent, not married, no children and satisfied with herself and her life.

She is a no-nonsense lady, and as a tech woman and somebody who want to get things done , I love her way of being!

She is a true leader and you see that she got to that position with her competence in a world of men!

I love her way of not being uncomfortable with babies and children of her DS Joe and/or Aiden (I am a mother of two but can totally “feel” her, as babies/children can be a big mystery :-))

The interactions with the team are so motherly/bossily/whatever amazing (see episode where DC Bethany Whelan dies) , and the last moments of bravery and insights where she puts herself in danger to save somebody are just wonderful!

The relation with Kenny are super funny, showing how she is a good “boss” along so many years working with Kenny , and the impossible relationship with the guy from missing persons “George” 🙂 I feel sorry  for him.

She is not an example to follow what relates to lifestyle : she drinks a bit, but just enough to don’t get her into troubles; she doesn’t eat healthy, and she’s a workaholic.

I love British detectives series, as you have noticed here in my blog: Agatha Christie’s, Midsomer murders, Lewis, etc… And Vera of course. I hope there’s more to come!

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